Les Vins de Loire du Clos des Sables
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The domain de la Raimbaudière

Geographic situation

The vineyard is situated in the black Anjou region of the Loire valley, 20 minutes south of Angers. Located in the Champ and Rablay districts, it part of the group of vineyards or terroir known as ‘Coeur du Layon’.


In 1895, the Mayor of Angers, Doctor Monprofit, established an 80-hectare vineyard, equipped with extremely modern wine cellars and wine-storage facilities. My grandfather, carrying on a family tradition dating from the mid 1800’s, bought the domaine in 1939, and ran the business with his oldest daughter. My uncle and aunt took over the property in 1955, producing wine on the estate until my uncle’s death in 1997. From that time until 2007, wine-making ceased at ‘Clos de Sables’ and the grapes were delivered in bulk to the local wine cooperative.After 15 years in industry and armed with a one-year diploma, I decided to pick up the family baton and write the next chapter in this wine-making adventure...

The ‘terroir’

The vineyard consists of schist at depth, with a surface layer of sand and gravel, which according to the analyses conducted is a composition typical of excellent wine-growing land. The vineyard enjoys a favourable North/West, South/East disposition, so that even in harsh winters it has always been protected from frost.

The vines

The original family “domaine” consisted of a single vineyard of 10.5 hectares, enclosed by walls and hedges. To this was added an adjoining 4.2-hectare vineyard, bringing the current property to around 15 hectares. The vines are quite old and in a satisfactory state . From 2009, the average annual production should be about 450 hectolitres (60,000 bottles).

New surface area per grape variety (in hectares)vins de Loire - pepartition des cépagers

Given environmental concerns and the growing demand for ‘organic’ wines, I am currently converting the vineyard has completed its organic conversion in 2013.

The cellars

The wine cellar, situated in Rablay sur Layon, 1.5 km from the vineyard, has a capacity of 1,400 hectolitres. A gravity-flow system is used to deliver the grapes, which avoids crushing the pips, thus preserving the delicate flavours.


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